It Is Time to Go

As she sat in the chair in the living room she could sense something was different about today. All of her grown children had shown up unexpectedly and that had thrown her for a loop. She couldn’t remember the last time they were all together. Oh, yes, they called, ran by for a few minutes on the weekends, but they were busy with their own lives. She always wanted them to sit down and them to look at photo’s she had received from the grandchildren but there was never enough time. Anyway it made her feel badly that she had to call on them to do things for her.

Thinking back, one of the things that hurt her most was giving up her car. She had loved driving and loved being able to go and do as she pleased. When she waited on the kids to pick her up they never came when they said they would and it was frustrating. Another thing was the constant harping, “Mother did you take your medicine?”, “Mother you let your light bill go past due”, “Mother please stop feeding every stray cat in the neighborhood” and most annoying was “Mother do you need to go to the bathroom before we leave?”

When did the tables turn and she became the child and they became the parent? She knows she is old, worn out and ready for the trash heap but they don’t realize she can still hear and she still has feelings. She never gets to make any decisions on her own.

In her heart of hearts she realizes she is fortunate to have children who are willing to take over her care but when did this happen? She remembers the days of her youth, the young adult years, the middle age years and then the slow decline into old age. Sometimes the mind is not your best friend. Good memories seem to hurt the most. Always wondering where the time went and wondering if her life was well spent or had she just been taking up space.

At last the adult children sat down and said, “Mother it is time to go”. Go where she wondered and then she asked, “What are you going to do with me?’ The children looked at their mom and sorrowfully at each other. Mother they said, you are going to a wonderful assisted living / retirement home. You will have a cute apartment, lots of friends and we won’t have to worry about you being taken care of and of course we will visit often. She looked at each child and then she smiled, yes it was time to go and she arose from her chair and waited for them at the door.

She knew she would never walk through the doors of her home again. Honestly she really wanted to hear God say “It’s time to go”.