Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012
I can remember when I believed I would never see the year 2000 and here we are 12 years into it. Itís Christmas time and then soon follows another new year. Everyone is asking where is the time going?

We spend time working, sleeping, taking care of our homes, our cars, our bills and those of us that have children and grandchildren we spend a lot of time with them. I ponder how much of my time is spent praying, reading the bible or going about our Fatherís business helping others. I always fall short on my bible study. I think of God so much every day and I pray a lot. Getting into the scriptures is hard for me and it shouldnít be because I am an avid reader. For Christmas I want a willing heart and a determined mind to set aside time each day to study the bible. I have read the bible since I was able to read but to really get into the meat of it, well let me say it has been a long time.

I havenít been Christmas shopping, I just either ordered online or sent checks. People are in a frenzy to shop until they drop and it seems we always miss the reason for the season. When ordering my Christmas cards I was offered the option of having Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays inscribed on the card. As for me I wanted Merry Christmas! Christ is being deleted in our government, our schools and our homes. I pray everyone will put Christ back into Christmas and really decided that starting today we will remember on a cold, wintery night a Savior was born in a manger to save us from our sins.

I donít feel the excitement of Christmas like I used to. It makes me sad that people spend so much money to buy gifts that other people donít need and go into debt that they donít need. There are so many organizations that need our money to help those less fortunate and I for one intend to donate money that I normally spend on presents that are usually sold at yard sales or tossed in the closet. Ohhh, I sound like Scrooge but maybe I am wiser this Christmas of 2012.