Stop The World I Want To Get Off

In twenty-five days I will turn the unmentionable age of sixty-two. I remember with glee turning 13, 16, and 21 and after that it’s been downhill all the way.

Frankly, I am afraid of turning 62. Back in the day people retired at that age and here I am after forty years of working…still working with no sign of retirement in sight. I can’t live off of Social Security, why it’s not enough to buy my make-up every month and I would have to give up hairspray. No way can I retire.
I called the Social Security office and just asked a few questions about receiving retirement benefits and I had to lie down with a rag on my head afterwards. For every two dollars you make the government takes back a dollar so by the end of the year I will owe them $10, 000. There is only a certain amount a person can make before “it’s too much”. I was whining to the Social Security agent and he said, “Well, try living off of SSI; they draw $621 a month.” I wanted to tell the government employee that I was blessed by being able to pay into Social Security for forty years and I didn’t have to rely on SSI. I knew I was getting no sympathy from him and my ears were hot so I knew it was time to hang up.

The Bible states that we are to help the widows and orphans. I am not a widow and my only chance is to ask my daughter to adopt me. I can’t remember but I believe she is mad at me right now. Whatever…I will just keep working until I have to have a caregiver to get me ready in the morning and drive me to work.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever be this old…like Rod Stewart I was going to be “Forever Young”. Please Lord stop the world I want to get off. How about dropping me back on Sycamore street in the 1950’s?