Why Do People Stray From Marriage Vows?

Itís not just the latest Hollywood star committing adultery; itís common in the church. People who cheat are selfish and obviously donít care about the consequences. An affair will be found out sooner or later. When an affair does become public knowledge the story takes off like a wildfire. Honestly, if the news of an affair could be kept between a husband and wife I believe there would be a greater chance of reconciliation. However, the hurt is so deep, so raw and so profound such pain canít be kept to oneís self.

Really no one is totally blindsided when a marriage ends. If you have lived with a person for very long you know when things just arenít right. You may never suspect an affair knowing the person you love goes to church, doesnít cuss, doesnít cheat on their taxes, kick the dog or beats the kids but you have an inkling that something is just not right. You may suspect that your marriage needs an overhaul but a sexual affair can come as quite a devastating shock. How could you have lived and slept with a person and not know they strayed outside the marital bed? As they say, ďIt happens every dayĒ. It has happened from the beginning of time and still continues.

Marriage is not for sissies. The heart pounding, canít wait to see you, talk with you, be with you feeling soon gives way to LIFE. Life isnít always kissy, kissy and songs and roses. Itís tough at times, the kids come, the bills mount, aging happens and before one knows it they are just co-existing with the person they vowed to love until death.

As humans we are always looking for best new thing. Itís the thrill of the kill, the excitement that makes the ordinary fresh and tempting. So if you find down the road a piece you have chosen the wrong person to live your life with what do you do? Have affairs, divorce them, ignore them, belittle them or can it be that you have made a commitment that canít be broken by anything, not even the temptation staring you right in the face?

God specifically states that it is one man for one woman for life. Not until you get bored, see a newer model or just inadvertly think God will understand why you had to have the affair and just get out of a marriage. We use excuses that God wants us to be happy and with the person we are married to we are just so unhappy. I personally think the break-up of a marriage hurts God deeply. The bible states God hates divorce.

I wish I knew why people so carelessly break their marriage vows, however, I do not know and for the life of me it breaks my heart in two when I hear of someone else breaking that vow.Whether it be movie star or just plain Jane or Joe ordinary.