The Interview

I hate cell phones, caller ID and texting. I can never get my kids to answer their phones or text me back. I did not understand until I heard my son telling a friend why he did not’t like talking with me on the phone. He said, “Mom starts out a conversation with, “What are you doing?”, “What are your plans?”, “How are the kids”, What do you have planned for September 22, 2025?”. I know that I have a limited time to talk with any of them before they run up the steps and ring their own doorbell announcing they have company and they have to get off the phone. My son actually had the audacity to tell his friend talking with me was like an interview.

It’s not that I bother them that often. I call my mother every day and it’s long distance. I love talking with her but I mainly call her because she will tell her bridge club that I am a dead beat daughter. She always has to tell me how her friends and their daughters share so much together. I had the nerve moving to be closer to some of my grandchildren.

I could live in Egypt for all my kids were concerned. While they are wonderful and I love them dearly they are not consistant with checking on me or answering their phones or returning texts. The other day I sent my youngest son a text and added “If you do not return this text in ten minutes I will be moving in with your family and you a week from Tuesday”. Oddly he texted me right back. Threatening to move in with any of my kids will get a quick response.

I know that one of the Ten Commandments is to honor thy father and thy mother...and a footnote is answer your phone and return my texts. No wonder I interview them when I finally get a response.