Nothing Remains The Same Except Change

I have never like change. When I was a small child I needed to know when, what, where and why. I didnít like surprises or sudden changes. I donít like it these many moons later.

I have sadly learned that nothing remains the same except change. I wanted it to be summer all year round when I was a kid. I didnít get excited over the starting of school. I wanted to free and to play all day long. When I was a teenager I didnít want the record to end, I wanted to dance all night long. When I became a wife I wanted to know what forever meant. When I became a mother, I didnít want the kids to grow up, I wanted to be their everything for eternity. I most certainly didnít want to grow old, get wrinkles and age spots. However, nothing remains the same except change.

Unless one dies at a very young age we are going to experience so many changes in our life time that we will have a hard time keeping up with them. Alas, summers did end and school started, the record ended and I stopped dancing, the marriage ended and I didnít get to experience what forever meant. The kids grew up and I am not their everything anymore, they have wives, husbands and children and as it should be their families are their everything. The age thing is just a bummer. I donít know if I should wear polyester or stone washed jeans. I wonder if the eye liner needs to go and the bifocals need to come. Change, change and more change.

While we are changing and everything around us is changing the only one who does remain the same is God. He has been and will forever be the one remaining constant in our lives. When we wonder where he is in our life and we wonder if after all these years he is still listening, watching and loving us we can be assured that he never changes. God loves us now as much as he did from the beginning. I believe he sends change into to our lives to help us grow as Christian's and as people. While change still yanks my chain and upsets my universe at times I truly know that nothing remains the same except change and our heavenly Father.