Today as I was doing my laundry I stopped and just thanked God for my washer and dryer. I remember mother hanging clothes outside on the clothesline and bringing them in sometimes frozen. She had a wringer type washing machine but it was in the middle 1960ís before she had a dryer. I have had both a washer and dryer since day one.

What a blessing my washer and dryer was when I was raising four kids and washing for six people. I canít imagine hanging seven loads of clothes a day on the clothesline. A washer and dryer is way down on my list of blessings when I stopped to think about all that God has blessed me with.

There have been times when I was so depressed I couldnít appreciate anything and didnít care to. These days almost daily I thank God for bringing my attention to the things he has blessed me with. First of all, the four children are grown, healthy, industrious, and busy with their own families and best of all they are good Christians. My mother and step-dad are healthy, active and donít need any help from me. They get offended if I even offer to drive them somewhere. They look at me like I have three heads. Praise God for their health. I have a wonderful job, I am able to take care of myself, and I have a lovely place to live, a good car to drive and a wonderful church and church family. What more could anyone want?

I donít have tons of money, I donít drive a top of the line car and I live in a rented apartment, but I feel so blessed. Every little item I look at in my home is a blessing from God. Only he could have provided for my needs. Of course I have my wants, but my needs are covered. Take a look around and thank God for your blessingsÖIím glad I did today.