My Mother, My Friend

My Mother, My Friend

There have been so many books, poems and notes written about mothers’,

How can I say anything that is unique? Except to say you are so different from the others.

Everyone thinks their mother is special and I am no different in thinking that,

Except I know you are the most special woman I know, there is no doubt.

From you I learned to be kind, loving, gentle, yet you taught me to think for myself,

You gave courage, self esteem, and never turned away when I needed help.

Your love for God is the best gift you gave to me, for that I will never regret,

Because of your love for God, many people you have influenced and earned respect.

Today I thank God for giving you another birthday, another year with me,

I pray that you will stay healthy, energetic, happy and constantly carefree.

I love you, my mother, my mentor, my companion and my dearest friend,

May God bless you, forever and ever until the very end.